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Keyorama Stainless Steel

  • Viability - Our Key holder Keyorama is made out of hard-wearing materials, guaranteeing a long useful life
  • Easy to use - The key holder Keyorama is easy to set up. You don't need any special utensils. The screw is designed so that it can be tightened with a 1 cent or 1 penny coin
  • Multipurpose - Keyorama is the most complete key organizer on the market. 5 free elements: Car key chain, small key ring, belt loop hanger, trolley token and auxiliary key ring
  • Friendly - Keyorama is your fun friend. With smooth and continues curves, it's a pleasure to keep it close
  • 100% safe - Keyorama key holder is made from nontoxic materials.
  • EAN CODE 5060547680078 and 5060547680061

Do your keys inconvenience you? Are they uncomfortable when you sit down? Can you hear their rattle as you walk or when you put your purse down? 
Keyorama is the efficient, manageable solution. Either in elegant mahogany or in shiny, resistant stainless steel, you know have a trusted companion wherever you go. 
Packaged in a high-quality customized box, Keyorama can be an excellent gift idea. 
What do you get when you order Keyorama? 
A compact Keyorama system that holds up to 16 keys. 
Stainless steel loop piece for car keys or a lucky trinket 
Trolley token 
Key ring 
Key chain (wire rope connector with screwing system) 
Safety hook (key chain hook) 
Not happy with your purchase? No worries. You can return it, or contact us and we'll help you.