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Customised StainlessSteel Key Organizer

  • ORGANIZATION - This Stainless Steel keychain is designed to keep the keys in an original and organized way. The simple and stylish design prevents the key from bothering you in your pants pocket or the bag stitch .
  • MINIMUM MAINTENANCE WITH THE INNOVATION 2018 - You will not find our solution at our competition. Our screws do not come loose during use because we have replaced the common O-Ring with a special gasket. The fins on the gasket prevent unscrewing and maintain the elasticity of the assembly. The long life of the gasket is guaranteed by silicone rubber with a carefully chosen hardness!
  • MULITPURPOSE - Unlike other offerings, in the box you will find a set of 5 accessories: Multitool Shopping trolley release tool with bottle opener and and hex key, key chain (wire rope connector with screwing system), key ring , Stainless steel loop piece for car keys or a lucky trinket, key chain hook ... are you convinced? Add your Keyorama in your cart and it will be at your fingertips!
  • BIG OR SMALL - You have 2 size versions! The classical version provides the installation of the usual Yala keys. The atypical or very large keys can be caught through the security ring that you find in the box. The big version is for armored door keys! It is a unique option on the market. Make sure this product is required by measuring your key length. The large Keyorama has a length of 115 mm
  • 100% RISK FREE - We have done our best to achieve a good product and we are happy with the result. If, however, for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return the product within 30 days and you will be refunded 100%. Please tell us what you did not like to improve it further in the future.