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Magnetic key holder

The keys remain ordered – The keyholder can be placed anywhere on the entrance wall or in the office

One purchase for the whole family – The wood holder has 5 magnetic key holdings and a storage surface of 30x10 cm, ideal for envelopes or newspapers.

Bonus: in the box you’ll find 5 key rings, so you can replace yours, if it’s not magnetic

Secure installation: it is fixed on the wall with 2 dowel pins which you also fin in the box.


3 problems of an unorganized life-style. Which one do you want to get rid of?

1. Stress – Disorder causes stress, and the stress makes us sick. 82% people believe that if they were more organized, they quality of life would get better.

2.Panick – How much time did you lose in the past years looking for your keys? 49,5% people anticipate they would save at least 30 minutes/day if they had a better organized house.

3. Lack of trust – Avoid surprises when you’re looking for your keys. 68% feel they’re in control when they organize their working space.