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Hippo Soap Dish Blue

The happiest choice for your child! I promise! I have the hippo soap holder at my office. You have always wanted more joy in your child's life and he feels it through all your gestures. With his future soap holder, you will also add more color in his life. Our solution covers all the aspects of a successful childhood: play, safety and health. Let us take them one by one: Play.

When we are young, we do not understand very well why we should wash our hands, but we understand perfectly the need to play. We succeeded in combining the two aspects. Invent a story with your child about Hippo's wish to stay in the water, to be clean. Maybe even an imaginary conversation with him. Safety. We did not make a bad choice. Your future soap holder is made of a carefully chosen material. Flexible, easy and pleasant to touch.

From the pictures, it is impossible to understand the feeling, but we chose an excellent photographer. Take a look at them one more time. Health. Hand washing reduces the chance to become ill with diarrhea by 33% and the risk of respiratory infections by 20%. This functional role is accomplished by all the soap holders on this platform, but your Hippo soap holder will do this in a very special way. Do you like the color? Do you like the shape? Do you picture your child using this soap holder every day? All you need to do is press ”buy”.